“Huh, are you an introvert?”

“Huh, are you an introvert?”

13 januari 2021 MBTI 0

“Huh, are you an introvert?” I often get this question when I tell people that I am an introvert. When people initially get to know me, they don’t understand why I describe myself as an introvert. It is often thought that introverts are not social, don’t want to do fun things, are boring, are shy or have no friends. And yet, here I am. I have my own company, super nice friends, I dance my heart out at the craziest parties, I connect with the outside world, I travel to foreign countries and I stand up for myself. If you’re an introvert yourself and you’re reading this, maybe you recognize this. Or maybe you have prejudices about introverts. Or you don’t know at all what it entails.


I think I’ve always been an introvert. And yet, I describe myself like that for a little over a year now. Before that, I didn’t describe myself as an extrovert, but I just didn’t really know who I was. Also, I struggled with the prejudices that I have had about introverts. I thought that I was just a shy person who wasn’t sociable enough or that I just didn’t have the skills to be friends with everyone. I just lived my life and hadn’t really thought about who I really was. What I mostly asked myself was: ‘’What would be the added value for knowing if I characterize myself as an introvert or an extrovert?’’


In this blog I explain what it is to ‘be’ an introvert, what it means to me and I will also make the link with Student effect.


What is an introvert?

Let me start with this: “Introverts like to be alone, but not to be lonely.” Introverts love to be alone. With the right people around them, they feel the most comfortable. No large groups and too much noise, but a small group of inspiring people and deep conversations. It’s really about the connection, the quality, not the quantity. Introverts don’t get their energy from the outside world. We like to be alone and we don’t feel alone quickly. We use our alone time to recharge and reflect. We prefer to work alone and in silence. Our focus can be very high and we can be very passionate. Close connections are important to us. Talking isn’t the key for having a good time as an introvert.


Why do I see myself as an introvert?

I love to be alone. I really need this time to recharge. The people who really know me, know that I can be quiet and have a good time. I am not a talker until it comes to the topics that really interests me. For example, I like topics about self-development, Trance music or cultural differences. I love to go out and discover new places, but preferably with my headphones on. Wonderful, no one to consider.


What does it mean to me that I accepted myself as an introvert?

I finally understand why I was so tired after a day of interacting with a lot of people. I now understand why  I sometimes didn’t feel like going to that birthday party. Despite the fact that I really like those people. Also, I understand why I don’t feel the need to meet up with someone in every bit of free time I have. This explains why I only have a few really good friends. What a relief that is. Now that I know that I need time for myself, to be able to match with the extroverted outside world, I have so much more energy and I feel so much more myself. I can take things in account, now that I know who I am and in what circumstances I’m at my best. I know what requires energy from me and what gives me energy. I’m not afraid to say I’m an introvert because I know what it means. It’s not fair to kid myself with the fact that I’m not social as an introvert or that I don’t want to do nice things. I want people to know who I am. I like to be invited to birthdays, I like when someone asks how I am doing and I like getting to know new people. I just will not always accept your invitation, not because I don’t like you, but because I value the time that I am alone and need it. Now that I have embraced the fact that I characterize myself as an introvert, I understand myself much better, and others too.


Introverted/extroverted and the connection with Student effect

With Student effect I have also made the link in the search to find if you’re an introvert or extrovert person. The ‘’Study Choice package’’ standard includes an MBTI test. You may have heard about this test before. The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator test is a personality test that provides insight into, among other things, if you’re an introvert or extrovert person. This test comes standard with the ‘’Study Choice package’’, because it can provide a lot of guidance for the field of the study that suits you. In addition, any other package can also be expanded with this test. The test is made personally for you, completely tailored to who you are and what you want to achieve. Therefore, it is not a test that you can get from the internet, but it is customized test that is taken through personal conversations. The results of the test is delivered in its entirety as an advice report that you receive both digitally and printed. This advice provides insight into what kind of environment would suit you the best, how you can make certain decisions and choices, what preferences you have and how you would react to changing or complex situations. The main purpose of the MBTI test is to increase self-awareness, which is the foundation of personal development. For instance, I am aware of who I am, and therefore I know how to make much better choices on a personal and professional level. This insight has brought me so much, that I implement this in my business operations.


Do you also want to get started with your personal development? And do you want to do this from your own strength, based on who you really are? Contact me!

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